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What do you think when you eat J.CO’s donuts? Or when you are deciding to buy a towel by the name of Terry Palmer? Or when you feel unwell and taking Tolak Angin? You might think that Tolak Angin is definitely made in Indonesia but the other two brands are not. The truth is that all of those names are Indonesia trademark!

In addition, the above mentioned trademarks or brands are sold not only in Indonesia. Those brands have gone International and can be found in some countries in the world.

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Popular Indonesia Trademark

popular brand Indonesia trademark

Some brands were born out of passion, while others were out of dissatisfaction. However, both reasons have given birth to outstanding trademarks. Here are their stories.


J-Co is a brand owned by Johnny Andrean, the owner of beauty salon business in Indonesia. He visited America and saw how Dunkin Donuts sold the product. He wanted to get the license and start the business himself.

But he wasn’t satisfied about some aspects of the business, from raw material to the production process. Then, he imitated the business with some modification and became Dunkin Donuts competitor in this field in 2006. Now, J.Co Donut and Coffee has more than 300 branches all over the world.

Terry Palmer

The premium towel brand is an Indonesian original product by PT Indah Jaya in Tangerang. The company was established in 1962 and now, is led by the third generation of the founder. The company started the business by selling the products in local market.

Terry Palmer is considered to have premium quality and started to export the product to European countries in 1988. In addition, the company also sells the product to Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, USA, and China. And in 2013, Terry Palmer became the official sponsor in Miss World event in Bali.

Tolak Angin

The name Tolak Angin has already indicated that the product is Indonesian originated. Yes, Tolak Angin is jamu, thick liquid that is used in most of Indonesian region, especially Java, as herbal medicine. It contains 12 efficacious herbs such as ginger, mint, kayu Ules, clove, etc., plus honey.

The brand started its journey in 1930 in Yogyakarta by Mrs. Rachmat Sulistyo who formulated the jamu as family herbal medicine. Then, she sold the liquid herbs to public as of 1940 and got positive response. The family established the first Sido Muncul Factory in 1951 in Semarang and sold powdered herbal medicine. In line with technological development, the company started to produce liquid Tolak Angin in 1992.

Tolak Angin started going international by some Indonesian diaspora who brought the product abroad and sold it there. The product got positive response for its quality and became popular. And now, Tolak Angin is exported to countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, and United States.

Quality is the Key

The stories about Indonesia Trademark above show us that brand acknowledgement doesn’t come in short time. And, trademark or brand will be acknowledged by its quality. Only quality brand will survive the competition and win the consumers’ heart.

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